Mala Herba ancestral

Mala Herba ancestral

vintage: 2019.

The Xarel·lo to make this ancestral comes from the “La Lengua del Pozo” farm located around 300m. altitude, in the Alt Penedès Montserratí.

We make this ancestral in a natural way, with the must at the end of fermentation (density controls and residual sugars G / F) from the Xarel·lo of CLAR wine each year. We bleed the must / wine that is still fermenting into a stainless steel vat to lower the temperature and thus retard the yeasts and precipitate by static cold a part of the cloudiness of the must / wine.

We bottle without any intervention or addition, in bottles that withstand the pressure to continue the wild fermentation inside them, and with the aging in a cup of cement underground for about two years.

Disgorgement hot on the descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.