vintage: 2021.


Sant Llorenç d’Hortons around 350 m of altitude, in l’Alt Penedès Montserratí. A single young Xarel·lo vineyard from 1995 called “La Torreta”, with loamy-clayey soil, where the bedrock presses the fertile layer and facing southeast.


100% Xarel·lo.


We elaborate in a natural way, with a manual harvest in 250 kg containers. Grape entry into cement cups by pre-fermentation film maceration, without stem, for a few days. Wild fermentation starts in the same cup at a controlled temperature, and we transfer it to old acacia barrels at mid-fermentation, to finish it inside the barrel. It will age about a year in the same barrels and their mothers, without any transfer. Before the next harvest, we release barrels to decant the wine and let it rest a little more in a cement cup again.

We bottle without any intervention or addition, in a descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.