FAK. Fins Als Kullons

FAK. Fins Als Kullons

vintage: 2022.


Sant Llorenç d’Hortons around 235 m of altitude, in l’Alt Penedès Montserratí. Young women from the “Les Prunes”, “L’Hort” and “La Vinya del Pepe” plots


1/3 part of each variety Xarel lo, Sumoll and Garnatxa Blanca.


Traditional "Claret" made naturally, with a manual harvest in 250 kg containers. Entry of the grapes into cement cups with skins and without rapa. First; Entry of the two white varieties at the same time with maceration / infusion and low temperature, to start the fermentation. When the Sumoll arrives, it co-ferments with the skins and the rest of the white grapes already bled. Decantation of the flower wine by gravity at the end of the fermentation, press wine towards other wines.

Aging during the winter to clean the wines statically, and bottling by gravity and descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.