vintage: 2022.


Sant Llorenç d'Hortons is around 300 m high, in the Alt Penedès Montserratí. Old Xarel·lo vineyards from the “La Plana”, “La Lengua del Pozo”, “El Anfiteatro” and “La viña de Pepe” plots along with the “Las Abejas” and “La Malvasia” vineyards.


80% Xarel lo and a blend of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Malvasia de Sitges, Parellada and Garnatxa Blanca.


We elaborate in a natural way, with a manual harvest in 250 kg containers. Entry of the grape with 30% rapa and all the skin to a stainless steel vat for maceration / infusion at low temperature. After a few days the spontaneous fermentation begins, and without moving the hat or stirring the wine, we let the fermentation progress. Aging inside the vat until spring, where we will press and withdraw the wine. We bottle without any intervention or addition, on a descending moon.

Precipitations and cloudy appearance may appear, denoting respectful processing and are a good sign of authenticity.